Everyone is welcome at Thompson Church. Whether we are old or young, first-time or long-time worshipers, coming with doubts or confidence, joy or sorrow, in this place we are all family because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  For some, simply knowing they have a safe place to come, a place where they will always be welcomed, is enough. Others find great joy in making a deeper commitment to their church.  For those individuals, membership is an important step.

Becoming a member

This one will say, “I am the Lord’s”.
— Isaiah 44:5

Becoming a member of Thompson Church is a wonderful way to affirm your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and to join a loving family of faith. It is also an important step for those individuals who wish to take a more active role in the leadership and ministry of the church.

We offer classes a few times a year for those who are interested in membership. During these classes, we share our faith stories, learn more about our tradition, and explore the meaning of membership. These classes are led by our pastors. Childcare is available upon request. 

Caring for our Church family:
our membership team

Our Membership Team comes together to organize, oversee, and minister to our church family; members and non-members alike!  Our core mission is to reach out and connect with those participating in our faith fellowship.  Some of our work is logistical in nature (like maintaining our official church rolls), but we also help plan events for the congregation, touch base with newer members, and provide support to the pastoral staff.  Additionally, we work to facilitate communication between church leadership and the congregation.