You Are The Sign

            Don’t be alarmed the next time you drive past the church. The church sign is missing but we know where it is. The beautiful wooden sign created by Sheila Power is back in the shop getting buffed and polished. It’s been out there on Aquetong Road for nearly 15 years. While Sheila gets the sign looking good as new, we have a perfectly adequate temporary sign. It’s plain and simple.

            When it’s back in place, I hope our sign will catch the eyes of drivers and passengers as they drive past us on their way to Rice’s Market or 202. More than one member showed up on a Sunday morning because they noticed our buildings and maybe our sign on their way somewhere.

Consider what our church sign attempts to do:

            Signs provide information: Our sign, both the permanent one and the temporary one, let people know when we worship God and when we gather for education.

            Signs point to something else:  The sign helps you get off the road and into our buildings hopefully.

            Signs give direction: Aquetong is a long and winding road. More than one driver has wandering the length of it looking for Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church. The sign assures the lost that they are here.

            The best signs are people, church members to be exact. If you are a member of Thompson Church, you are a sign. Your life gives information about what happens here and how what happens here is hopefully changing you and helping you mature. Your life should certainly point to Someone greater than you who is helping you change from someone who was sad and selfish to a glad and selfless person. And thus, your life should give some direction to people who want to find forgiveness, hope and power to change their lives. Your life should let people know where to find God. You are the sign, the only church sign some will ever see.


            Be the best sign you can be as we return to our program year schedule on Sunday. Be a talkative sign, and invite someone to join you on Sunday. Be a positive sign and let folks know of all the things God is doing here. Like a good sign, let them know that we’re here for them but much more importantly, God is here for them.