God Can

I can’t.

He can.

So I let Him.

These three short sentences neatly summarize the first three Steps or principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I can’t. I can’t stop drinking admits the alcoholic. It may take ten or twenty years for the one addicted to alcohol to say these words. The alcoholic sometimes has to stumble through years or even decades of pain borne of denial.

He can. God can. God can do in us and through us what we could never do for ourselves. For the alcoholic this means that God can provide the needed power so that she or he doesn’t pick up a drink.

So I let Him. The alcoholic then surrenders his or her will and life to God’s care. In the 1930’s, when Alcoholics Anonymous began, problem drinkers would ask God for His help on their knees.

Alcoholics aren’t the only ones who can say these three wonderful statements. I’m grateful today that I have said them and I continue to say them. How about you?

I can’t. What can’t you do? What can’t you stop doing? Are you full of bitterness and self-pity? Are you unable to forgive? Do you find that you can’t stop comparing your life to others? Honestly, what is it you can’t do?

He can. What can God do? Just about anything but especially God can help wounded and hurting people like me and you. More so, God really wants to help us. Warning: God does not do magic tricks. He doesn’t make problems or struggles vanish. Instead, God gives courage and fortitude to us so that we can work through whatever challenges or struggles we face.

So I let Him. What does surrender look like? It begins with prayer, where we honestly admit that we can’t but God can. Then we ask for God’s help and, with open hearts and minds, as we trust that God will help us.

Bev Haberle knows what God can do.  Bev is the Director of the Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania and for more than forty years, Bev has been helping people whose lives are ruined by addictions to drugs and alcohol. Bev made a God Can. It’s an ordinary coffee can that has the words God Can on the outside. You’re going to see the God Can around church these days. Feel free to drop a prayer request in it. The pastors and members of the Prayer Team will hold you in prayer as God demonstrates to us what He Can Do!