Making Our Lives Work

“Simply put, virtue is good habits that we can rely upon to make our lives work. (Conversely, vice is bad habits we can rely upon to make our lives not work.) When the old writers spoke of ‘a virtuous life’, they were referring to a life that works, a life that functions.”

Richard J. Foster


            This is Devauntay. He is going to be me on Friday, July 8th. On that day, Devauntay will be paddling in an outrigger canoe in the Delaware River. He will take my place in the boat and paddle from Trenton to Camden to support Paddle for Promise, a major fundraiser for the amazing work of Urban Promise in Trenton.

            One look at Devauntay and you can tell that he and I are very different. He is young, strong, and quite handsome. How did I, an old, weak, and less handsome guy get this young fella to paddle for me? I am out of town on a vacation that day so my friend, Melissa Mantz asked Devauntay if he would mind taking my place in the boat. He readily and gladly agreed.

            Devauntay Ellis keeps himself in top shape by playing football for Del Val College. I met him on the river last summer when I did do my part. I remember how much I liked Devauntay. He was (and I’m sure still is) fun, helpful and encouraging.

            I know that my friend will do me proud with his efforts on the Delaware.

And I want YOU to be part of my Paddle for Promise; your donation will help fund camp for children in Trenton. There are many giving levels and every donation makes a difference! I set a big personal goal, $2000, but I think we can make it happen. I am going big because I am representing #TeamTMPC and I want to keep the GOLDEN PADDLE at TMPC! Last year, over 100 TMPC folks supported Urban Promise’s Paddle for Promise and most of the donations were in the $25 or $50 range...but it all adds up in a BIG way.

If you would like to support me by supporting Devauntay Ellis, then follow this link where you can find all the information you need to make a contribution. Thank you!