Counting the Reasons: Why I Love the Rummage Sale

            Why do I so love and appreciate our Rummage Sale? Let me try to count the ways:


1.      I love that the efforts of our Women’s Group, the United Presbyterian Women, garner between $5,000 and $6,000 every fall and spring.

2.      I love all that Anne Peshek does. She coordinates and organizes this whole effort with enormous grace, faith, and good humor.

3.      I love that anyone who is within earshot of Anne will hear her say, “Really?” about a million times during the Rummage Sale week.

4.      I love that 20 or so women meet in Fellowship Hall on the Monday before Rummage Sale and take huge piles of rummage and organize it into something beautiful to see.

5.      I love that George Salt knows what he’s doing. He knows how to manage the rummage pile, which seems like a living thing sometimes. George sets up tables and hanging racks and then puts it all away on Friday afternoon when the sale is over.

6.      I love that the doors open unofficially before they open officially. In the pre-sale days, individuals and families in need get to shop first.

7.      I love looking at the books and CD’s. I’m not much of a clothing guy, but I have found some outstanding titles over the years.

8.      I love that I can do my birthday shopping for my wife, Leslie, at the Fall Rummage Sale. I select two or three good novels, and pay less than the price of a latte at Starbucks. This makes Leslie happy and I know this much: happy wife equals happy life.

9.      I love praying with the workers before the doors open on Thursday morning. We pray for everyone who will walk through the doors of Fellowship Hall. I ask that they would know that blessing and love of God even if they have no idea who God is.

10.  I love watching people pick through the piles of clothing.

11.  I love that all the leftover rummage goes to Good Stuff Thrift stores.

12.  I love that Good Stuff Thrift Stores will sell some of our rummage and the proceeds of their sales will support some wonderful Christian organizations, including Hunting Park Christian Academy.

13.  I love that every last cent of what we raise from the rummage sale goes back out the door to help people in need.

14.  I love seeing Thompson Church at our best.