The Church of the Open Doors

            I had hit the hay early. I was beat and already asleep; so when the phone rang at 10:30, it woke me. Leslie answered the phone and as I listened to her side of the conversation, I knew it was for me. “Yes, this is Rev. Stuart Spencer’s home phone number. He’s here,” my wife said as she handed me the phone. It was a dispatcher from Solebury Police Department. With a pleasant uplift in her voice that assured me that nothing was seriously wrong, the woman on the other line said that patrolman had found one of our doors opened during a routine check on the building. “You’re one of the names on the list for us to call. We need you to come and lock the door.”

            “Who else is on the list?” I asked. George Salt, I was told. Call him I told her, he’s five minutes away. Our good Sexton, who was minutes from climbing into his bed, made the trip and did his duty, as he always does.

            We are a church that likes to keep our doors open. We’re so good at it that our doors can be inadvertently left unlocked in the middle of the night.

            On this past Sunday our doors were wide open for our first Community Meal. One of our small group Bible studies decided that they wanted to cook a delicious meal and invite members and friends of Thompson Church as well as neighbors and those from wider community who might enjoy a home-cooked meal and church-created fellowship. Before it was an amazing luncheon, this Community Meal was a pleasant mixture of our church at our best. Take the following ingredients which are found in abundance at this end of Aquetong Road: start with the ability to graciously, warmly and sincerely welcome people, add lots of people who know how to sling the hash; and toss in an overwhelming amount of the love of Jesus and voila! You get a Community Meal. Let’s eat!  

            We had no idea how many to expect. We weren’t sure how many tables and chairs and place settings to have. I’m happy to report that we needed more than we thought. There were about 100 folks who brought their appetites, including some 30 or so who weren’t church members or friends. We had to set up a few more tables to accommodate all of our guests.

            How was it? The meal was delicious, for starters. If you went home hungry, you had only yourself to blame. The food was fresh, healthy, and plenteous. How was the fellowship? Even better. I watched our people welcome our guests. Fellowship Hall was quickly filled with the happy sounds of conversation and laughter. We’re going to have another Community Meal on Sunday, June 12 at 12:30.

            You can be sure our doors will be open!