Popcorn Church

            Is there a smell that’s harder to say No to than the aroma of freshly popped corn? You could argue for the warm scent of chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven and I wouldn’t disagree. But how about fresh popcorn, buttered and salted?—I’m dropping whatever I’m doing to fill up several bowls.

Popcorn everywhere!

            Around here these days, it smells like a movie theatre. There’s popcorn all over the place. Well over a 125 people have signed up to take part in one of the 12 initiatives from our Strategic Plan. Popcorn kernels don’t pop in isolation. Popping is a group activity.

            The delicious smell and the happy sound of popcorn came to mind on during our session meeting on Tuesday night.

            About an hour into our work, we heard a knocking on the door of the Conference Room. Three men—all long-time church members—came walking into our meeting. Brad Michael, and his posse of Frederick Haubrich and Jeffrey Berry, requested that their small group host a Community Meal using our kitchen and Fellowship Hall. The group wants to prepare a delicious meal and invite anyone— church members and individuals from the community to come to dinner on a Sunday night. A Community Meal will be prepared for those in need—financially or socially. We would coordinate our invitations with Code Blue ministries to include the poor from our community. Brad shared a quote from Mother Teresa, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

            At the close of our session meeting, we considered a request from Foglifters, the Alcoholics Anonymous group who meet in our buildings seven mornings a week. On Thanksgiving, Foglifters would like to hold an all-day meeting for alcoholics who have no place to go, or as importantly, would prefer not to go home that holiday. It seems that the mixture of a long day with the family creates a strong pressure to want to drink. Think about your family Thanksgivings over the last decade and you’ll get it.

            The session happily and enthusiastically approved both uses of our facilities. Both events sound like popcorn to me because our congregation is wading into the thick of our Strategic Plan Initiatives. All combined, it sounds like a lot is happening, which reminds me of the wonderful sound and smell of popping corn