Shallow Waters Freeze First

            Not yet. The Delaware Canal isn’t quite frozen solid. I’m waiting, as is Sam and Miles and Jasmine, our dog. We are waiting for ice to form so we can skate. Usually the canal freezes for one week or so each year. When it does, we walk down our backyard, lace our skates and go.

            When the temperatures drop we start watching the canal. Always, the small cove at the foot of our property freezes first. When the boys were younger, they usually started there. Then, as the rest of the canal solidified enough to hold Dad (me), they were allowed to venture out.

            Shallow waters freeze first. What makes for lovely skating also makes for cold and frozen congregations. When we stop moving in our spiritual lives, we start freezing up. I love this Facebook post from a ministry called Restoration Ministries. Read this:


The law of inertia basically states that it is harder to get something moving than to keep it moving. Inertia creates momentum which is vital for victory and achievement in every arena of life. Once spiritual momentum is lost, growing in the Lord shuts down and the death process kicks in. That’s what much of our ministry is about today; to get folks moving in Holy Spirit. To do this, one must be delivered from the fear of change and bondage of the familiar and comfortable, both of which are sponsored by a religious mindset. This is no easy task! All too often, Holy Spirit has to offend minds in order to extract folks from a lukewarm variety of Christianity and light a fire in their bellies. I’ve also discovered that lighting the fire is one thing, but it’s altogether something else to keep the fire burning in people’s lives.


To get folks moving and keep momentum, a new mindset is required.


Momentum is about constant change, just like a river flowing. In a river, you can’t step into the same water twice; it’s gone in a second and has a direction. A new mindset looks at this type of change and sees excitement, not fear.

Fear produces frozen situations & lifestyles. Faith is required to breakthrough frozen situations to get things moving again. The deeper into the flow of Holy Spirit one goes, the less likely they’ll end up frozen in place. Shallow, still waters freeze first! Once you experience breakthrough, it becomes easier it is to continue to have more breakthroughs. Breakthrough begets breakthrough just as success breeds success!

Restoration Ministries


            If you sense that you are inert and you need some movement to keep the ice away then prepare to take part in our Strategic Planning Initiatives. These 12 Initiatives are the result of lots of work done by lots of Thompson Church members and friends. We have identified our Core Values and now we have a plan for movement and action. We need everyone to find their job. Why? If we don’t all take part, there is the risk of ice forming here. I know it is January and I love to skate and ski. I want the atmosphere around here to be as hot as Fourth of July from all the activity and movement.

            In these coming two Sundays, you’ll hear the details about the plan. Listen for the opportunity that is right for you and then, do it. Keep the ice away.

 For a summary of the Strategic Planning Process, click here:

 For the details of the Initiatives, click here.


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