Domenick's Emails

            My wife Leslie once trained for competitive body-building contests. She found a personal trainer among her former students. Domenick Salvatore is a graduate of Rowan University from the Department of Health and Exercise Science. One glance at him, especially if he’s wearing short sleeves and you can see: the man is fit.

            Domenick and Leslie used to run into each other at Rowan’s gym. Leslie was new to the world of weight-lifting. Domenick had previously trained for other body-building competitions and was happy to show Leslie the ropes. He noticed that Leslie was a natural gym rat. She can lift and grunt and then lift and grunt some more. She is as open to learning as a sponge to water. Domenick told her one day, “You could compete and I would be glad to train you.” Just as Leslie weighed Domenick’s offer she was diagnosed with breast cancer. You could say that cancer pushed Leslie into the gym to train.

            I soon met the man who was pushing my wife day after day in the gym. While I had no interest in competing as Leslie was preparing to do, I was curious to get some guidance for my own workouts. I set some modest goals and went to work at a quarter the effort of my wife.

            Domenick and I would meet once a week in our home. We often exercised on our back deck using an assortment of weights. On other days, I got emails from Domenick with details instructions on what I should do. Here’s a sample.

 Warm up:

-Inch worm (1 minute)-Arm circles (1 minute)-Sky pulls (1 minute)-Crab walks (1 minute)

-Bear crawls (1 minute)-Push up position plank (1 minute) -Stair runs (1 minute) 

 Upper Body Circuit: (3 sets of each exercise, 8-12 reps)

Circuit 1:

-Wide grip push up (on cement bench outside) -TRX assisted chin up (outside tied to deck) feet on ground -Standing kettle bell shoulder press


Circuit 2:

-Kettle bell chest fly (on cement bench) -Standing single arm TRX rows (slanted body position) hold both handles with one hand -Dumbbell side lateral raises

 Circuit 3:

-Chest press on TRX (feet angled)-kettle bell lawnmower pulls-Y Shoulder raises on TRX

Circuit 4: (only 2 sets each on last circuit) -shoulder blade retraction with dumbbells -Bent over lateral raises -Pushups on Steps (angled outside)

 Cool Down:

Upper Body Stretching on TRX


            Enjoy? I’m not sure that happened; but I did work hard and that exercise was very good for me to do.

            Thompson Church: I have a workout plan for you. I hope that you will review it and then start doing it. May this plan for action cause you to breathe hard, sweat a lot, and maybe even make you feel some aches in some spiritual muscles you haven’t used in a long time.

            Our Session approved 12 Initiatives in December. These Initiatives are the end result of the Strategic Planning process we began a year ago. Throughout 2015 we thought about who we are and where we are and where we want to be. We identified five Core Values. I preached a series of sermon on them in the fall. Now, we have an action plan.

            For now, your job is to get to know the workout plan. We all will be working out soon enough.  

            Click on this link to our website to see a summary of the Initiatives:

 Join us on Sunday, January 31st, a Fifth Sunday, for the Initiative Rollout! One worship service at 9:30 A.M. in Fellowship Hall.