Paddling for Promise

                     It took me less than two seconds to do what Bruce Main asked me to do:  I “liked” the Urban Promise International Facebook page.  If there is someone I like and admire greatly, it’s Bruce Main; and if there’s an organization that I like and care for a lot, it’s Urban Promise International.  When Bruce asks me to do something for his incredible organization, I’ll say “yes” faster than I liked his Facebook page.  This is the reason why I am paddling from Trenton, New Jersey, to Camden, New Jersey, on Tuesday, July 7.

            I will be getting into a canoe with some other friends who can’t say “no” to Urban Promise and we will paddle our way down the Delaware River.  All of us are raising money for Urban Promise/Trenton.  Every dollar raised will directly support the work of Urban Promise/Trenton.  

            Since 2011, Thompson Church has been a proud and energetic supporter of Carl Clark, the Director of Urban Promise/Trenton, and his staff.  Many of us have helped lead a week-long camp in Trenton for the past four summers.  Several TMPC members serve on the Board of Directors.  Lots of people have contributed financially to this work.  I hope you’ll consider supporting me as I paddle down the Delaware.

            The news is filled with stories of racial unrest and tension.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be a part of the solution.  We are to be peace-makers, bridge-builders, and hope-fillers.  We have an incredible chance to invest in the lives, the education, and the spiritual formation of African American children who are living with so few opportunities.  I am proud that we do as much as we do for Urban Promise.  And I’m glad I get to spend a half-day on the Delaware.

            If you’re interested in supporting me, please click on the link to my page.  Thank you!

            Here’s a specific need where someone might be able to offer assistance:  a chase boat. 

The need is such:  the ideal boat can carry a minimum of 12 passengers; we have one such boat currently that can do this:  it is a 27’ Regulator with a center console.  The next best boat would be one that can carry at least 6 passengers.  Chase boats stay with the outriggers and change out paddlers on the hour while on the water.  Each outrigger canoe carries 6 paddlers and we hope to have 6 backups for each canoe.  If you find a boat that can carry 12 people, they would service two canoes and a boat that can carry 6 people will service one canoe.  We need the boat for both days, ideally, July 7 & 8; let me know if you need any additional info. and please call me if you like or would need me to talk to anyone.

Can you help? Please contact Jim Cummings, Director of Experiential Learning/Urban Trekkers

Phone: (856) 382 – 1875