Now We Are Standing

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go up to the house of the Lord.’ And now we are standing here . . .”

Psalm 122: 1, 2


            Check out the front outside of our sanctuary on Sunday. It is new and it is improved, thanks to the great work of our Property Committee, chaired by Mark Delehey. Over the past ten days or so, the old broken, crumbling stonework around the base of the stairs leading into our sanctuary was dug up and replaced with poured concrete. While everything needs some time for settling and more landscaping remains to be completed; still, it looks dazzling.

            Nearly every Sunday for the past twenty years, I’ve stood at the foot of those stairs positioned to greet people as they descend from the sanctuary to head back to their cars and their world. Recently I’ve kept my head up and my arms ready to catch anyone who might lose his or her footing on the decaying stonework. I lift kettlebells and ride my mountain bike so I can catch people when I need to. Thank God I’ve only had to make an occasional assist to steady a friend.

            We now have a new, sound base for standing around before and after worship. Feet have been given to us by God for walking and standing. It’s why the Scripture writer once named feet blessed because feet carry those who declare the incomparable good news of our faith in Christ. That’s why the psalmist wrote about the happiness of finding himself in standing in the house of the Lord. It’s good to be standing in the place where the gospel; or good news is sung, prayed, preached and shared in the sacraments. If you are standing here, then you know you are here. And if you are here, that means you will hear the good news.  

            As I always do, I would strongly urge you to invite those you know from your families, teams, and neighborhoods to come with you and hear the good news for themselves at Thompson Church. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Large, lovely homes can frequently hide hurt, pain, and darkness. There are plenty of lost people all around us. Everybody needs to know the love and light of Jesus, including wealthy people.

            Come, and stand. For I was glad when they said to me, “Let’s go up to Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church and hear some more good news!”