A TMPC Shout Out

Shout-out (n.) Slang. A public expression of thanks or gratitude.


            As a general rule, I don’t do shout outs. I have my reasons. Publicly thanking people in church raises the risk that I could overlook or forget someone. So if I thank everyone except Jane Smith, then Jane Smith might start resenting me. I also don’t do shout outs because I think that Christian service brings a reward by simply doing it. If, as Jesus said, it is more blessed to give than to receive then my feeble shout out can only diminish a rich and wonderful blessing to the one who has done something beautiful for God.

            I don’t do shout outs, but if I did I would give a big one to our church. On the evening of October 29th, a banquet was held at the Conference Center at Mercer County College. The occasion was to highlight, celebrate, and support the great work of Urban Promise Trenton. More than a hundred people attended that night and though we were standing in Mercer County College’s Conference Center it felt like I was in our Fellowship Hall on a Sunday morning coffee hour. You couldn’t swing a stick without hitting a member or friend of Thompson Church.

            Our church has had its hands all over this incredible mission and our hands, our hearts and our checkbooks have been there from the start. On that night in late October, I was handed the Golden Paddle because our church raised $20,000 this summer for a fundraiser called Paddle for Promise. We raised more money than any other church or organization. We’re Number One!

            At the end of the evening a TMPC member said that she had no idea that so many Thompson people were doing so much. She said, “It’s a wonderful secret but it would be nice if more of our people knew what we’re doing.”

            What are we doing? We’re firmly behind a mission that is reaching children and youth in the city of Trenton with the love and hope of God. Some one hundred fifty young people in Trenton attended several weeks of summer camp led by the Urban Promise staff. Thompson Church led a week in early August. One hundred and ten young people enrolled in an AfterSchool Program sponsored by Urban Promise Trenton. Fourteen Urban Promise students graduated from high school and many are planning to attend college.  Urban Promise Trenton Volunteers provided 1,642 hours of service. How about a shout out for Urban Promise Trenton?

            I normally don’t do shout outs, but I’m going to make an exception as we enter the homestretch of our stewardship emphasis. Here’s a list of 50 people, including members and friends of Thompson Church, (if I missed you, sorry!) who have given something to Urban Promise Trenton:

                  1.      Meta Keating (Member of the Board of Directors)

2.      Alison Yearley (Member of the Board of Directors)

3.      Mark Tomkovicz (Member of the Board of Directors)

4.      Mike Wert (Consultant and Donor)

5.      Sue Wert (Donor)

6.      Diane Eler (Donor)

7.      Lynn Keating (Donor)

8.      John Keating (Donor)

9.      Holly Tomkovicz (Donor)

10.  David MacKay (Donor)

11.  Carolyn Anderson (Donor)

12.  Susan Achenbach (Donor)

13.  Bill Achenbach (Donor)

14.  Frederic Haubrich (Donor)

15.  Jennifer Haubrich (Donor)

16.  Mary Lou Pruden (Donor)

17.  Melissa Mantz (Donor and Member of the UP Promise Staff)

18.  John Carpenter (Donor)

19.  Carol Carpenter (Donor)

20.  Bob McBride (Donor)

21.  Joyce McBride (Donor)

22.  Rick Foltz (Donor)

23.  Lorraine Foltz (Donor)

24.  Michelle Summerson (Donor)

25.  Jennifer Tome-Berry (Donor)

26.  Linda Torda (Donor)

27.  Betty Hart (Donor)

28.  Steve Sailer (Donor)

29.  Kathy Sailer (Donor)

30.  Tom Armington (Donor)

31.  Vernon Bramble (Donor)

32.  Brad Michael (Donor)

33.  Melissa Michael (Donor)

34.  Brigitte Davis (Donor)

35.  Katherine Marriott (Donor and Volunteer for the UP Trenton Banquet)

36.  Lenore Bowne (Donor)

37.  Marty Bowne (Donor)

38.  Lisa Palise (Donor)

39.  Marcia Koppes (Donor)

40.  Priscilla Donahue (Donor)

41.  Diane McCulloch (Donor)

42.  Bob McCulloch (Donor)

43.  Carole Davis (Donor)

44.  John Davis (Donor)

45.  Sue Schaub (Donor)

46.  Rick Schaub (Donor)

47.  Kathy Bradley (Volunteer)

48.  Leslie Stiffler (Volunteer)

49.  Leslie Spencer (Volunteer)

50.  Stuart Spencer (Proud Pastor)