Does That Belong to You?

            Robert De Moor was a teenager when he accompanied an elder from his church on a mission to distribute flyers in his neighborhood, inviting people to join them for Sunday morning worship. The young man and his older friend bumped into a crusty older gentleman who glanced at the piece of paper Robert had just handed him. After skimming the flyer the old man sneered, “I know you guys—you’re just after my money.” Robert had no idea what to say. The elder from the church knew exactly how to respond, “No,” he said, “we’re not just after your money. We want it all—your possessions, your time, your heart and soul, your body—everything! God deserves no less.”

“No,” he said, “we’re not after your money. We want it all—your possessions, your time, your heart and your soul, your body—everything! God deserves no less”

            On Sunday we begin our Stewardship Emphasis. Our theme for this year is “All Mine, All Yours”. For the coming four Sundays, Pastor Pruner and I will be turning those four words upside down and inside out. First God speaks on Sunday, October 18 and states confidently, “It’s all mine!” On October 25, God continues to us, “It’s all yours.” On November 1, we won’t be in worship we will instead be outside our sanctuary as our church, that’s you and me, leave the building to go serve others. On Sunday, November 8, we wrestle with a choice, Is it all mine or is it all God’s? On Sunday, November 15 we arrive (hopefully) at the place where we can gladly and thankfully say, “It’s all yours, God.” On Sunday, November 22, we offer all that we are and all that we have to God. That’s a party day for our church.

            Some churchgoers hate this time of the year. Like the old neighbor in the story, they are certain that Almighty God and those who work for Him are only interested in one thing: money. For me, the season of stewardship is among the most exciting of the year. This year we will get to the heart of ownership. Who owns you? To be great relief and joy, I can now say as a Christian that I fully belong to God as does all that I have. I think if we get the matter of ownership right, we won’t fail to get the concept of stewardship right either.

            Psalm 24: 1 states that the earth is the Lord’s. Isn’t that the best news?