Meet the Prayer Bear


On September 10th we kicked off another wonderful year of Sunday School here at TMPC. I am so excited for our students and teachers as they journey together to learn more about God, strive to follow Jesus more closely, and are inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit.


An exciting addition to this year of Sunday School is our TMPC Prayer Bear. This is the stuffed teddy bear that you see pictured above. This bear might look ordinary, but he has be given a big mission from our Sunday School. On Sunday, we introduced our students to this new friend and explained that he will connect us to churches and Sunday Schools from all over.  We will fill our Prayer Bear’s book with prayers from our Sunday School classes. We will then send those prayers and a picture of our group with the bear to another church family. The bear will spend some time with their Sunday School and hear their prayers before heading off to the next location.  Our hope is that this little friend connects our students to other children from across the country and possibly around the world who are also gather to study God’s Word.


As the Prayer Bear is off on his journey, we will get updates from him as each church checks in. You can also keep up with the Prayer Bear by checking in on his blog! We will use his blog to share updates, pictures, and prayers from the places he visits.  As we send him off we do so with this prayer on the first page of his passport book and I want to share it with you.


Lord, please be my guide and protector on this journey I am taking.  Watch over me and protect me from accidents. Keep me free from harm and trouble.  Always keep me mindful of your presence and love.