In my sermon this past Sunday I made a confession to the congregation -  I am completely dependent on my cell phone.  This is probably not a surprise coming from a millennial, but it is true.  I’ve had a cell phone since I was in the 8thgrade and I’ve had a smart phone since college. And these days my phone is my calendar, my camera, my GPS, my alarm clock, my address book, my library, my flashlight, my newspaper, and countless other things.  There have been very few times in my life that I have left the house without my phone. In fact, I could probably count those times on one hand. And every time I realize I don’t have my phone on me a sudden and complete sense of panic washes over me. My mind races with so many ‘what ifs’ – What if my car breaks down? What if I get lost? What if I get in an accident? What if PJ or Annalise need me? What if? – What if? – What if?


You see, when I have my phone I feel safe, connected, informed, competent, in control.  Without it – well I am just the opposite. Now dependency on our cell phones is not uncommon these days, but it does beg the question – are we as dependent on God as we are on our cell phones? Do we check in with God as many times as we check our phones each day? Are we as worried about God’s presence in our lives as much as we are worried about where our phone is? The answer is - probably not.  And yet, whether we realize it or not we are totally and completely dependent on God for everything.  My challenge to you today is to remember your dependency on God and live into that.