Saved People Serve People

I stumbled upon this image online somewhere. I was struck by the simplicity and power of the words that were pictured here on the wall. I thought it was a really interesting idea and beautifully done. I searched and searched for the church where this image was taken and could not find the source. I did find that this image was a part of an advertisement geared toward churches to help with their interior designs.  So it makes perfect sense that this image drew me in – that was exactly the idea. 

Even if this is an advertisement, I really like the sentiment here. All the phrases on the wall say the following…

We Believe: Found People Find People
We Believe: Saved People Serve People
We Believe: Growing People Change
We Believe: You Can’t Do Life Alone
We Believe: You Can’t Outgive God

Individually they all say something powerful, but together what they are trying to communicate is that because we have encountered Christ we have been changed and we have been called to action.

All Christians are called to follow Christ and live by his example. One of the ways we are doing that here at Thompson is by participating in The Church has Left the Building.  We follow Christ out of the Sanctuary and into the world by serving our community, country and the world. We are coming up on our Spring Edition of the Church has Left the Building and I hope that you are able to participate. If you have not done so already follow this link and sign up today!